Pros of Hiring Cleaners and Painters After You Move

Moving is a lot of work. There is simply no way around this fact. When you move, it takes up time and energy, and more often than not, you end up dealing with quite a bit of stress along the way. You have to deal with many different things during the move that go well beyond just packing up boxes. There is the logistics of the move, making sure that you have the utilities turned off in one location and started in the next, and you have to worry about changing your address, hiring a moving company, and then unpacking everything.

On top of all that, you have to think about making sure the property you are leaving is in good condition when you are gone. This is something that far too few people think about when they are moving until they have everything cleared out of the old place. They thought they were relatively clean people, but once all of the furniture is out of the place, they see that might not have been the case at all. The carpets could use cleaning, there is grime in the kitchen tile grout, and the walls have scuffs and dings. These are things that you wouldn’t even notice with the furniture and the lighting that you had, but now they are painfully obvious.

What does this mean for you? Typically, it would mean that you are going to have a lot of cleaning and painting to do on your own if you want to have the property in shape for the next people who live there. Sure, if you are renting, you have a security deposit that can cover it if you don’t clean properly, but wouldn’t you like that deposit back?

Hire Professionals for Cleaning

Since you are in the middle of a move, there is a good chance that you will not have the time or the energy that is needed to provide a proper deep clean to the house or apartment. Even if you do, there is no guarantee that you are going to be successful in cleaning it to the standards that are expected. Instead, you will want to consider the benefits of hiring a professional cleaner who can help with the cleaning.

When you choose a professional to take care of the cleaning, they can do a thorough job. They have the knowledge and the supplies to ensure a proper clean that you wouldn’t always be able to do on your own, at least not without a lot of time and work on your part. They could even clean the rugs and the floors. Having someone else take care of it for you who actually knows what they are doing can provide you with peace of mind. You will be happy with the way that you left the property rather than embarrassed.

One of the other big benefits of the service is that you will be able to focus on the other important parts of moving and getting into your new place. While there is no guarantee, it also tends to mean that you are more likely to get back your deposit.

Hire Professionals for Painting

Do you need to paint the place before you leave? This can depend, of course. If you have been in a location for a long time, and there are marks and scuffs on the wall from you and your family, you might want to have it painted before you leave. If you are selling a home, you will probably want to have it painted before you try to sell it. Those who are renting and who may have painted a room in a different color will want to have it returned to the same color it was when they rented the place.

Could you take care of the painting on your own? Sure, just like you take care of the cleaning on your own. However, you will run in the same sorts of issues. If you haven’t painted before, you probably don’t have the equipment you need or the knowledge. In addition, you have to spend your time moving, and you probably do not have as much time to paint as you would need.

Fortunately, you can hire some painters who can come in and take care of things for you. If you are going to bring in professional painters, you will likely want to make sure that you are bringing them in after you have everything moved out of the place. They could be there before or after the professional cleaning service, although, it does tend to be a better idea to have them do the painting before the cleaners. Give it time to dry, and then the cleaners can do their job. If you have them arrive in the opposite order, there is the risk of the painters getting part of the property dirty again.

Are These Professionals Essential?

It will really depend on a number of factors. If you have the time, supplies, and the skill to take care of it on your own, then you may not need to hire the pros. However, if you are like most people who are frustrated, stressed, and struggling to try to get the rest of the move taken care of, then having someone that can take care of the cleaning and the painting will be well worth it. You will certainly want to consider them.

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