Moving in Winter: Cold Weather Moving and How to Do it Right

The idea of moving during winter can be a daunting thought for most homeowners. The weather can be harsh, the winter months are busy with holiday seasons, and winter worries can be costly. But moving during the winter may actually be a very good idea. The cold and winter months, typically between December and March, are becoming an increasingly popular time to make a move. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should commit to a big move during the winter, consider these popular facts:

  • It’s easier on the movers. This might seem like a farfetched fact at first, but consider the winter weather. Movers will enjoy walking around in the cool air, where they are less likely to break a sweat while walking back and forth from their trucks.
  • Speaking of movers, they offer lower rates during the winter months. Winter is typically regarded as the “off-season”, and it’s never as busy as it is during the summers. Winter prices are guaranteed to be lower than summer prices, so consider hiring a mover at a discounted price during the winter.
  • If plans aren’t going to go as expected, it’s best to have them not go as expected during the winter. This season is the most flexible. If an unexpected event or obstacle were to occur during the summer, you would have absolutely no time to fix it. But during the winter, you can give yourself time to recover from an event in the likelihood that one should occur. Most companies have more time on their hands and can work with you to reschedule and reword plans.

How to Make the Right Move

The weather during the winter seasons can be unpredictable, making travel difficult to plan. But with the right guidance, you can learn to make smart moves and be prepared for any circumstance. Several cold weather moving tips can keep you ahead of the game and get you moved in before the spring arrives:

  • Check the weather often. Check it everyday if you need to, especially during the week of your move. Try to schedule the moving company to arrive on a day when the weather isn’t too harsh. By keeping a sharp eye on weather patterns, you can stay prepared at all times.
  • Consider boarding your pets. Moving your animals during the other seasons can be stressful enough, but it may be best to board them altogether during the winter move. Your pets may become overwhelmed by the winter, and if they are unable to go outside, they may panic. Reduce their anxiety by harboring them in a safe space until the time is right to come and get them.
  • Clear all floors, sidewalks, and streets of snow and ice. Make sure the pavement is completely dry so your movers can safely transport your goods back and forth. Shovel snow, salt the pavement, and use any other methods of unblocking the streets that you can.
  • Double and triple check that your utilities in the new house are working before you move in. Because of the cold weather, you’ll most likely want to be turning on the heater right away. If the amenities aren’t working correctly, you may be doomed to a frozen household. Stop by the new house early and turn on the heater and the water to make sure both are in working order.
  • Keep your sheets and towels available. Since the weather can be so unpredictable during the winter, it is best to have coverings handy in case of a torrential downpour. If the movers are in the middle of moving large and expensive pieces of furniture, you can cover them with sheets and towels to make sure that they don’t get damaged during the weather.

Cold Weather Moving is Key

Take these tips to heart during your cold winter move. Although it can be daunting with the drastic seasonal changes and weather patterns, there are several advantages to moving at this time of year. Cut costs and enjoy an open schedule so that your move can be seamless and stress-free.

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Moving Tip

  • Get rid of the junk! Get rid of anything you don’t need or want, it will make packing that much easier and save you money.The more stuff you have will increase the time and or weight of the move and will cost you more money!
  • Do not move jewelry, money, coin collections, etc. Keep these items in your possession.
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