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Ontario “Yours to Discover” (so says the License plate). Ontario is Canada’s second largest province with over a million square Kilometers of lakes, rivers, forests and farmland. A third of the entire population of Canada lives in Ontario. Eighty five percent of Ontarians live in urban centers located mostly in the south, around the shores of the Great Lakes. If you can’t find people in urban centers around the great lakes, just go inland to a smaller lake, because 60 % of urban dwellers in the province have a cottage. And most are located around the Georgian Bay area, and the Famous Muskoka Lakes. This makes sense considering Ontario has over 250,000 clean, clear, fresh water lakes. Over 1/3 of the entire World’s fresh water supply is located in Ontario! The province is almost divided by rich fertile farmland in the southern to central regions of the Province and the Canadian Shield that produces vast mineral resources to the north. Ontario has just about every valuable mineral you could want. There is Copper, Uranium, Iron ore, Diamonds, Gold, Oil and one of the world’s largest Nickel deposits located in Sudbury Ontario. In fact the mine in Sudbury is so large that you could fly a plane through it! People have been living in Ontario for over 12,000 years. Prior to European settlement large tribes of Aboriginals, mostly Algonquin and Iroquois, made Ontario their home.


It is not surprising that Ontario and in particular the city of Toronto is the economic hub of the country. Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is the most densely populated, with approximately 3 million people. And if you include the GTA it is almost double that. Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the city of Ottawa is the Capital of Canada. Canada’s largest stock market for the resource rich Ontario corporations is located in Toronto. The Toronto Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges worldwide and is home to almost all major Oil, Mining and other resource companies in Canada and around the world. Toronto is rich with culture as well. It is home to the famous Toronto International Film festival and the World’s largest Caribbean festival called “Caribana” (sounds odd that the world’s largest Caribbean festival would be located in Canada; but it’s true). While Toronto is full of sky scrapers and the CN Tower (once the largest free standing building in the world) it does have a number of residential communities. However, most people, like in New York, live outside the city. These Communities are considered part of the “Golden Horseshoe” around Lake Ontario. There are large “bedroom cities” such as Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and the Niagara region to the west and south and Oshawa, Pickering, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket to the north and east. There is mass expansion around Toronto to the north and places an hour drive away to the north such as Barrie are now considered “bedroom Communities”. The GTA is growing fast and people from all over Canada are moving to Ontario.


Ontario is Canada’s leading manufacturing center with all the major American car manufacturers located there. This makes sense, as Ontario’s largest trading partner is the United States, conveniently located just across lake (Ontario). The Great Lakes provide a significant advantage to Ontario and its industrial complex as they provide easy shipping access from the western Provinces, all the way through to the Maritimes and the world via the great lakes and the St. Lawrence River. As a result, Ontario is one of the wealthiest Provinces in Canada and is responsible for over half of all manufacturing in Canada. Toronto is the center of the financial institutions. Technology such as Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry smartphone is located just to the west of Toronto in the Kitchener Waterloo area, and employs over 15% of the population of this area. The city of Ottawa, being the Capital of Canada is the center for Government offices and accounts for a significant portion of employment in this region. Ottawa is also considered the “Silicon Valley” of Canada. It is also home to the world’s largest skating rink…the Rideau Canal which runs through the entire city. In fact many people use skates in the winter as a form of transportation in the city. Ottawa is also the home of the invention of Basketball and the Propeller…two inventions we couldn’t live without.


Ontario is also blessed with rich fertile farmland throughout the south and south west portions of the Province. Believe it or not, the southernmost point in Ontario…Pelee Island is only 14 miles north of San Francisco (latitude). Therefore due to the long temperate growing seasons in the south, and the rich fertile soils left over from the recession of the great lakes, you have perfect soil for growing just about everything. The Niagara Region is famous for fruit farms and world Class vineyards. In fact, the World’s largest and most sought after “Ice Wines” come from this area. Some of the best places to sample these wines are St. Catharine’s, and Niagara on the lake. Rich with History, quaint towns, fabulous restaurants makes this a favourite tourist attraction, not to mention the Largest and one of the Seven Wonders of the World … Niagara Falls (the Canadian Side). Just a little west of the Niagara region, but still part of the Niagara escarpment is the small town of Brantford, where the Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. His shop and homestead is a popular attraction. While you are there, you might notice all the buildings and skating rinks with Wayne Greztky’s name on them. Number 99 was born there and his parents still live there (for those who are Hockey illiterate, Wayne Gretzky …”the Great One” is one of the best Hockey Players in History).

It is no wonder the majority of the Population of Canada call Ontario their home and it’s an interesting place to move to. Rich with Culture and History, world class cities, a vibrant economy and some of the best outdoor recreation available, who wouldn’t want to live there! There are a bunch of moving companies in Ontario. Let’s us find the best one for you.

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