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Beautiful Prince Edward Island… “Canada’s Green Province” so says the license plate. The name Prince Edward Island, named after Edward, Duke of Kent and the father of Queen Victoria in 1799 is usually shortened to just PEI. This tiny province in Canada’s eastern Maritimes is located between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is only about 2,200 square mile. Pretty small to be called a Province; none the less this small province had a significant role in the formation of the great Nation of Canada. It was the Charlottetown conference of 1864 that laid the ground work for the formation of Canada as an independent country from Britain. Four years later in 1864, Canada became a nation.


Just to get an idea of how small this province is, there are only two cities; Charlottetown (the capital) and Summerside. The population of this province is only about 146,000. There are some smaller towns in PEI such as Stratford, Kensington, Alberton, Georgetown, Montague, Cornwall, and Souris…and that’s it! If you live in PEI you are never more than 10 mile from the ocean which may be a reason why you might be considering move to Prince Edward Island. This is pretty cool if you love Maritime life. 90% of the population is of direct British Ancestry and the other 10 % is French Canadian.

PEI is famous for a number of things. This beautiful little province is the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, one of Canada’s most famous authors. She wrote the books Anne of Green Gables that was first published in 1908 and was later made into plays and finally a successful Movie and miniseries which was filmed exclusively in PEI. The rich soil of PEI grows some of the best produce in the world and is famous for “PEI potato”. Being a maritime province one of the major industries is fishing, but mostly for the world famous Mussel farms where the world’s best Mussels come from. If you like Mussel’s, you have to try these. By far the best I have ever tasted and they are shipped around the world.


Living in PEI is evenly divided into both rural and urban areas. It is home to many seasonal residents with cottages on the ocean. It’s easy to get to PEI; you can easily drive there as it is joined to New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge or you can also take a ferry. PEI has a very favourable climate…not too cold in the winter (average temp is -7C) and moderate summers (average temp in the mid 20’s). In fact because of its location to the Gulf of St Lawrence, it boats the warmest beaches north the Carolinas. PEI is a welcoming place for anyone looking to set roots there. The government of PEI has vast and very helpful resources to help assist in every aspect of immigration if you are considering moving to PEI. Submit the residential movers form and let us find the best moving company in PEI for you.

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