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About Nova Scotia

“Canada’s Ocean Playground”…so says the License plate. Located on the east coast of Canada and one of the founding provinces in 1867, is well known for Lobster, Fishing, Apples and Blueberries. Mostly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, fishing and particularly Lobstering are major activities in this Maritime Province.

The Capital city of Nova Scotia is Halifax with an estimated population of just over 400,000 which represents about a third of the provinces entire population of approximately 1,000,000. Some of the more notable cities in Nova Scotia are Dartmouth which is just North East of Halifax, Windsor, Truro and Sydney near Cape Breton on the North East edge of the Province. As the Name Implies “Nova” meaning New and “Scotia” short for Scotland, there is a very strong Scottish/ English presence in this Maritime Province. Many towns are named after their UK counter parts such as Liverpool, Antigonish, Yarmouth and New Glasgow.


Nova Scotia is rich with History and has always maintained its value as a Naval base since the American revolution where it almost became the 14th State. In fact with it’s proximity to New England States, there is a sizeable population with families that have both American and Canadian relatives. One of Nova Scotia’s most notable events was the Great Halifax Explosion when a French Munitions ship collided with a Belgian relief vessel in the Halifax Harbour. The Munitions Ship drifted toward the pier while everyone around gathered to watch the burning ships. The French crew abandoned their ship and rowed to shore warning everyone to run. Twenty minutes later the ship exploded igniting the cargo of TNT, gun cotton, picric acid and Benzol. The explosion flattened everything within 3000 feet and caused major damage for over a mile. The explosion could be heard as far away as Prince Edward Island. It caused a huge Tsunami wave that washed people into the burning harbor where the water had vaporized. Over 1,900 people were killed, 9,000 injured, 1,600 buildings destroyed, 12,000 houses were damaged leaving over 6,000 people homeless and 25,000 with inadequate housing. This all occurred the day before the worst winter blizzard that lasted for over a week. Immediate help came from the military and all over Canada as well as from New England, many of them staying there for months. To this day, every year Nova Scotia sends a Christmas tree to Boston as an ongoing thank you!


Nova Scotia is a prosperous province with world class Universities specializing in all aspects of education and in particular Maritime studies. With a very vibrant economy based on Manufacturing, mining, energy, transportation, forestry and a large fishery. If you’re thinking of moving to a different place in Canada, consider Nova Scotia. It’s a great place to work, live and move to.

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