10 Great Reasons to Join Moveit

  1. We are the most used site in Canada for Consumers to find Moving Companies. Over 1 million people have used Moveit.ca to find a moving company!
  2. Since 2003 we have provided more moving leads to Moving Companies than any other web site in Canada!
  3. We don’t just pay for sponsored ads on search engines like others; we actually have relationships built up over years with Canada Post (Smart Moves), Apartment Rental Sites, Numerous Real estate agents including Remax, MortgageBrokers.com and an Exclusive deal with Rogers Communications http://www.rogers.com/web/content/moving-your-services
  4. Our system is live and in real time. You receive your lead the instant it is submitted to our system. These are real time fresh leads. Not re sold or delayed like other companies out there.
  5. We also advertise in community papers across the country, as well as direct mail programs to MLS data base. We are available 7 days a week to help with your needs.
  6. We have a high retention rate. 80% of movers that try Moveit.ca stay with Moveit.ca. Our companies continually praise us for having the highest booking ratio of any lead provider.
  7. Our leads are distributed to 5 companies. Not like all the other providers out there that sell there leads to as many people as possible.
  8. Moveit has an extensive affiliate network. We have partnered with a continually growing network of Realtor’s, Rental sites, Storage sites, moving and box supply sites just to name a few. We also advertise to  MLS data base.
  9. We advertised your companies information directly to the customer for Free. This results in them calling you before you even know you have the lead and increases booking ratios.
  10. We actually have real people answering a live help line to provide real customer service. Something that makes the customer more comfortable in using our site.


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