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Saskatchewan is the “land of the Living Skies” (so says the license plate). The name Saskatchewan, like a lot of names in Canada comes from Native Indian words. In this case “kisiskatchewan” meaning swift flowing river and refers to the Saskatchewan River. The province of Saskatchewan is a prairie province just east of Alberta and west of Manitoba. It is incredibly flat and you can see for miles in just about any direction and makes this province seem incredibly vast and void of much topography with rarely a tree in site. It makes for great sunrises and sunsets. In fact Saskatchewan receives more sunshine than any other province in Canada. Also a good place to learn how to fly or if you’re into rockets, it’s a great place to move to because they have the largest rocket club in North America with some rockets achieving altitudes of over 20,000 feet (good place to launch rockets considering how flat it is).

Saskatchewan is not an over populous place with a population just over 1.1 million (2012). The majority of people live in the Southern part of the province. The largest city is Saskatoon located on the Saskatchewan River and is roughly in the middle of the province and holds over 25% or the entire population of the province. The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina which is south east of Saskatoon and is the second largest city followed by Prince Albert to the north of Saskatoon. Other cities of interest are Moose Jaw and Swift Current which are in the south and are east of Regina and Yorkton (south east of Saskatoon) and North Battleford to the north east of Saskatoon.


Being a prairie province the major industry and economy revolves around agriculture. However in recent year the discovery of large oil and natural deposits and Natural resources (mining and forestry) has significantly accelerated the economy of Saskatchewan. It is also well known for livestock and is the second highest producer of livestock behind Alberta. Saskatchewan is also the world’s largest exporter of Uranium and Potash (fertilizer additive). Saskatchewan has the 5th largest livestock show in the entire world and given its population is quite a feat.


It is an interesting place to live. There are many recreational activities like fishing and hunting, canoeing or boating on the hundreds of lakes and rivers and it’s actually not all flat. In fact Saskatchewan has one of the highest points of elevation from Labrador to the Rocky Mountains at Cypress Hill which is approximately 1400 meters (4,600”) tall… higher than Banff Alberta. If you’re considering moving to Saskatchewan, it might be a good time to go, with the ever increasing demand for resources and a strong housing market, it’s hard to go wrong.

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