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About Alberta

Alberta Canada, Wild Rose country (so says the license plate). Home of the world famous Calgary Stampede, Edmonton Oilers where the “Great One” became Great (Wayne Greztky), The 1988 winter Olympics, one of the largest oil deposits in the entire world, beautiful streams, flat land and mountains. Alberta is named after the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta.

Alberta lies on the east side of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is the start of the Great Plains. It has a population of just over 3,754,654 divided into 2 major cities. Calgary is in the middle of the province, and Edmonton about 200 km due North. You might want to stop halfway in Red Deer and see if the deer really are red? Actually the province has a couple of odd named cities, from Red Deer between Edmonton and Calgary, to Medicine Hat, south east of Lethbridge.

Alberta is world renowned as one of the most picturesque places to live or visit. If you have ever seen the movie with Brad Pitt, “Legends of the Fall” you have seen the beauty of Alberta…it was filmed here. Some of the largest National Parks in Canada run along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, such as the famous Jasper National Park and the Banff National park which has world class ski and snowmobile resorts.


From the gold rush in the late 1800’s to the current “black Gold” rush of the 2000’s Alberta has always had a healthy resource based economy. There are estimates that Alberta may contain more oil than Saudi Arabia. Most of this activity is taking place in Northern Alberta, based out of Fort McMurray. The oil based economy is so vibrant that people are moving to Alberta from all over Canada, particularly from the east coast….the job market is very strong (rumor has it you can make $20.00/ hour serving coffee at Tim Horton’s). If you’re looking for a great place to move to, strongly consider Alberta. It has one of the best education systems in the world and the lowest taxes. There is no Provincial sales tax, only the federal Goods and services tax (GST) of 5%.

The majority of the population of Alberta lives in the two major cities of Calgary and Edmonton. Calgary is the larger of the two with a population just over 1.2 Million and is in the center of the Province. Calgary has a lot to offer, some of the more recognizable and popular places are of course the large Calgary Tower, Olympic Park, The Fairmont Hotel and the Saddle Dome which is Calgary’s main indoor arena located on the grounds of the world famous Calgary Stampede and home of the Calgary Flames NHL team.

Moving to Alberta

Moving a little farther north (approximately 300km) is the second major city and the capital of Alberta, Edmonton. It too has two major sports franchises. The Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Eskimo’s. The population of Edmonton is slightly smaller than Calgary at just over a million. It is home to the West Edmonton Mall which is one of the largest indoor malls in the entire world. Edmonton lies on the beautiful North Saskatchewan River and is the heart of the Oil boom. Edmonton is the most northern city in North America with a population of over a million and is the staging area for the giant oil sands projects to the north in Ft. McMurray and the large Diamond mines in the Northwest Territories.

It is no surprise that thousands of people every month are moving to the province of Alberta. Lots of employment opportunity, low taxes, one of the best education systems in the world, some of the best outdoor activities just a few minutes away from any city and world class metropolitan areas makes Alberta a prime place to live and work.

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