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“La Belle Province” (The Beautiful Province) “Je me Souviens” meaning “I remember” so says the license plate. The meaning is sometimes unclear as to what they are remembering but most Quebecers believe it is based off the poem about the Quebecois “I remember that I was born under the lily of France but raised under the rose of England.” Or it could mean I remember my French Heritage…there seems to be no absolute consensus.

As you might have figured out, Quebec is a predominantly French speaking province with a very distinct French culture. It is not Parisian but “French Canadian” and quite different from France in a lot of aspects, particularly the dialect.

Quebec is the largest province in Canada and accounts for the second largest economic input to Canadian GDP following Ontario. Its borders run from the Artic to the United States and from the Maritimes to Central Canada. To get a perspective of how large the geography is. It is three and half times the size of France and you could fit the state of Texas three times. Over 3% of the world’s renewable fresh water is located in Quebec and is one of the world’s largest reserves covering over 13% of the province. Due its size, the climate changes drastically from one are to another. From cold Arctic regions in the north to moderate temperatures in the south and Maritime weather in the east.


If you love snowy cold winters this is a great place to move to. In fact Quebec City set an all-time record for snow fall in 2007-2008 of over 5 meters (over 15 feet). It also supports a sizeable economy based on winter activities and industry such as snowmobiling (Quebec has the largest and most organized snowmobile trails in the entire world…if you like snowmobiling…this is the place to go!), Skiing, hockey, dogsledding, ice fishing, winter carnivals and of course some of the world’s best Maple syrup and don’t forget the Poutine (French Fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy)! Those may be the reasons why people are moving to Quebec. Most of the province is sparsely populated with the majority living in the south in major cities of Montreal and Quebec City (Capital of Quebec).

The population of Quebec is approximately 8.1 Million and almost half of the population lives in or around Montreal’s metropolitan area (approximately 4 million). Montreal is a very cosmopolitan, world class city, rich in French Canadian history and culture. Most of the people speak English and French, however you would be doing yourself a great service by at least attempting to speak French whenever possible. There are some predominantly English areas around Montreal mostly on Montreal Island. Montreal is also the hub of the majority of economic activity in Quebec. Many multi-national corporations and stock market are located here such as Bombardier, one of Canada largest firms.  Montreal is also the headquarters for a number of resource companies who are located in Quebec due to the provinces vast natural resources. Also among these companies is Hydro Quebec, one of the largest hydroelectric generating companies in the world and a supplier of electricity to much of Eastern North America including places like New York City.


The Historic city of Quebec is just like going to an old European city and is stunning in its beauty and architecture. Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in Canada founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, one of Canada’s great explorers who established a vast fur trading network with the native first nation’s people (mostly Algonquin and Huron). This early bond with the aboriginal people became a great asset to French Canadian’s and all the early Canadian colonies as allies against invading Americans seeking to expand their lands after the War of Independence. The cultures became so entwined that a new Canadian race developed called the Metis and was mix of Native Americans and French which is still present to this day.

It is no wonder Quebec is called “La Belle Province” as it is truly beautiful with over a half million pristine fresh water lakes, thousands of square miles of unspoiled boreal forests, millions of acres of unspoiled wilderness with an abundance of wildlife from Polar Bears to Moose and incredible fishing; it is truly an outdoorsman’s dream…just learn some basic French if you plan on spending much time in the northern areas as there English is limited and we will help you to find the best moving companies in Quebec for you.

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