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Thanks for the great service, we found a mover

~ Grace, Halifax

Thank you Moveit reps;

I would definitely recommend your service to anyone relocating. I received several quotes from very reputable companies within a very short time.

I have already narrowed it down to two very reputable companies who’s reps have 25 + years in the business. One of them will have my final answer before close of business today. Once again thank you for making a relocation back home so easy.

Best regards


~ R. Lamothe

Thank you for replying … and thanks for good service … I did receive 5 quotes and am still reviewing.

~ Sylvia James, Mississauga

Thank you for your quick and most helpful response. Much appreciated. I have received many estimates already and am confident that one of these company’s will take very good care of my property on the way back to Ontario. “THANK YOU MUCH ONCE AGAIN” sincerely Rick Knowles

~ Rick Knowles,Nanaimo, British Columbia

Thank you for your assistance.

~ Glen Isolde, Toronto

Just to say thank you for your help.
I received 5 references from you as you have promised. They were all good references and I had a difficult time to choose. At the end I chose Janzo moving and they did a great job for me, and most of all they are friendly. I am so glad I contacted you and I am glad I picked the mover I did.

~ Betty Huang, Vancouver

Thank You for your reply. I have booked a company @ this time.
Your web site has been of great assistance.

~ John, Kitchener Ontario

Thank you for all the contacts.
All are under consideration.
I love the site.

~ Christine, Montreal

I want to thank Move It.ca for this service. I was given three movers and I chose Mr.Moving.ca. and I could not be more pleased. They arrived at the appointed time, packed everything properly and arrived in Montreal one hour before their estimated time. The men were very polite and handled the job very efficiently. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a stress free move.

~ E. Pratt

WOW we must have had at least five replies! We found someone out of those, thanks

~ Ron, Calgary AB

Thank you for replying so quickly … and thanks for the good service … I did receive 5 quotes and am still reviewing.

~ Sylvia, Mississauga

thanks Moveit.ca for making it quick!

~ Joy, Alberta

Great site, saved me a lot of time finding a mover.
I was able to quickly book Mr. Moving for my local Toronto move.
Way to go Moveit.ca

~ John, Toronto

Your service was amazing. I have 5 quotes in ..this fast ..and I am pleased with all of them. Thank you so much!

~ Shari, Abbotsford, BC

Thanks for the information. You provide a great service . We received 4 quotes and ultimately chose SVP Auto Shipping who have been excellent to deal with.
Thanks again

~ Gaye

Thank you for providing this service for Canadians… I’ll be sure to recommend you to all my senior friends, we are all forced to abandon our homes and move in apartments… just a fact of life, not a sad story.

Looking forward to my move, thanks to you.

~ Annette Harris

Thank you very much for contacting me about my move. Due to the urgency of planning my move, I did happen to already book with someone else who I happened to connect with a bit sooner than you. But I am really impressed with the many great quotes from high-quality movers that I received so quickly via your service, so I want you to know that I will certainly be keeping you in mind for any future moving needs for myself or my friends.
With thanks and best regards,

April 2 2016

~ Antony

Hi Moveit.ca

Just wanted to let you know we got our furniture late last night. Thanks for your help. I would suggest that nobody uses nexus. Patrick the guy I have talk to at nexus is not a very good communicator. It’s not a good moving company maybe a good trucking company. Thanks I want to leave this nightmare behind so thanks for everything.



April 7, 2016


~ Brad

I just used Moveit.ca to find the most qualified moving companies in my area.
I actually called some of the companies that quoted directly and the price through Moveit.ca was about 20% less than contacting the same mover my self. Great resource…thanks Moveit.ca
J Price

~ JPrice

Thanks, I have booked Allstate for my move, plus my partners move.
Your services worked very well and I had many responses to my move request
thanks to your site!

~ Steve, Mississauga

This site made my move easier than I ever thought possible! Thanks, Moveit.ca

~ Linda, Vancouver, B.C.

What a great site! I can’t believe how easy it was to find a quality moving company and at a much better rate than I was quoted out of the yellow pages. It was also really handy to instantly move my mail, telephone and cable.
Thanks Moveit.ca….great site, I am goin to tell everyone aboout it.

~ Nancy, Vancouver

I want you to know that I received phone quote a few hours after I submitted a request – I have been extremely happy with the response – your site is just great – thanks so much!

~ Anne Carlson, Vancouver

Thanks. I have booked the move!! Great service.

~ Susan Guzzo, Toronto

Thank you for providing this service. I really appreciated it.

~ Maria Noel, Ottawa

Thanks! (Wow, that was quick!)

~ Sharon Pascas, Ottawa

Thank you for providing this service. I appreciate it very much…saved me time.

~ Maria N, Calgary

To Whom it Concerns at Moveit:

Thank you for providing the moving service for our family. Although your drivers and movers experienced a mechanical breakdown in their truck, they arrived as soon as they could. You kept us in the loop, which is a very important thing to do.

We found the movers courteous, professional and friendly. These qualities are so important to customers.

Keep up the good work.

~ Sara, Calgary

Thanks very much for the great service Moveit.ca provided. I filled out the online form and that night two moving companies had already gotten in touch with me. The next day when I called to get information on the companies, not only did you provide me with a good background on the two companies, but I was also reassured that each moving company you recommend has been screened by you. Given that moving is such a stressful activity, it gives me peace of mind to know that I have booked with a reputable and reliable mover.

~ Sophie, Toronto, Ontario

Thanks….Your services worked very well and I had many responses to my move request thanks to your site!

~ Steve, Toronto

moveit.ca made it very easy for me to choose which company to go with.

~ Laurie, Mississauga

I used Moveit to find quotes for our upcoming move and the service is incredible!!! We’re definitely going to call one of your quoting companies.

~ John Tory, Toronto

Your service is fantastic – if you need any customer testimonials
don’t hesitate to contact me.



Thank you for your assistance. I have found a moving company with which I feel comfortable. Thank you for your suggestions.
I wish you continued success in 2010.


Many thanks for your speedy service.


Wow, I got a lot of responses from this site. I would use it again thanks

~ Aleica, Toronto

Just moved from Toronto to Ottawa with Mr. Mover whose quote I received from your service. Our experience was fantastic. What could have been extremely stressful was pleasant and even fun. Jeff, Steve and Bobby were good natured, professional and very respectful. I am happy to have met them and they got us into our new home and our new life with the best possible care and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Mr. Mover.

~ Doreen Smith, Toronto

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