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About New Brunswick

New Brunswick “B…in this place” so says the license plate. It is one of the three Atlantic Provinces in Canada. It is also the only province in Canada that is constitutionally bilingual. The majority speak English with approximately 30% French population. It is joined to Nova Scotia and is located to the east of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec and north of Maine USA. New Brunswick is famous for the Bay of Fundy which has one of the highest tides in the entire world…a whopping 52 feet from low to high tide on average. New Brunswick is Canada’s 8 largest province with a population of approximately 800,000.

The Capital city of New Brunswick is Fredericton although Saint John (not to be confused with St John’s Newfoundland) has the highest population. Greater Moncton is largest Metropolitan area in the Province. Although it is a Maritime Province it is mostly protected from the Atlantic and has more of mainland surface area which gives it a Continental climate unlike Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia which are completely surrounded by ocean and are Maritime climates.


New Brunswick was originally an economy of wooden ship builders until the late 1800’s when the economy declined as the need for wooden boats did. Most of the skilled works moved to other parts of Canada or Maine for employment. Today most of the urban areas in New Brunswick are dominated by service industries such as health care, finance, educational, retail and insurance and therefore the province is an interesting place to move to. The major industries are resource base in rural areas and include major production of Forestry, Mining, Farming and Fisheries. Forestry is a major employer in the cities of Saint John, Miramichi, Atholville, Nckawic and Edmundston (not to be confused with Edmonton in Alberta). There is also a major economy based on Heavy Metal such as lead and zinc north of Bathurst New Brunswick. Also of significance is one of the world’s largest Potash deposits in Sussex. In fact a new potash mine is being developed in Sussex that will cost over a billion dollars. The region near Sussex is also rich with oil and gas deposits. The primary fishery consists of Lobster, scallops, king crab (yes King crab…not just in Alaska).

Culture and History

New Brunswick is full of culture, history and little known facts such as the Partridge Island that was used as a Quarantine base for the entire Maritimes (Canada and USA). It is also the site of the first steam powered fog horn which is invaluable as a Maritime Navigational aid. One of the oldest still functionally Lighthouses is located on Miscou Island. The Lobster Capital of the world is in Shediac and also the location of the world’s largest lobster. These go well with a New Brunswick delicacy…Fiddle heads! New Brunswick is also home to the largest Military training base in the commonwealth at CFB Gagetown located in Oromocto. New Brunswick is responsible for numerous famous people and inventions such as the scuba tank, snow blower, sardine cans, clothes washer, hot and cold faucets, the crossword game, dump box for trucks, the first black NHL Player (Willie O’Ree) and the Canadian folk singing icon Stompin Tom Connors.

New Brunswick, with a booming economy, lots to do and see and sophisticated Metropolitan city’s as well as one of the oldest and strongest educational system makes New Brunswick an excellent choice to live and play. Those are reasons why people are moving to New Brunswick.

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