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Friendly Manitoba” (so says the license plate) is named after either the Cree Indian “ Manito-wapow” or the Ojibwa name “manito-Bah” both words have the same meaning though “Strait of the Spirit” after the Indian superstition that the loud rumble made by the pebbles in the narrows of Lake Manitoba make a sound like a “spirit (manito) was beating a drum”.

Manitoba is a prairie Province however it is also the land of a “100,000 Lakes” which might seem odd for a prairie environment. In Manitoba you get the best of both worlds, seas of grain and water (fresh and salt). Manitoba is bordered by Saskatchewan to the west and Ontario to the east. The majority of the province (population of just over 1.3 million) lives in the major city of Winnipeg in the south east corner of the province. One of the world’s largest lakes aside from the Great Lakes is Lake Manitoba. Aside from the 1,000’s of lakes in Manitoba, it is also fortunate to also have a large ocean coastline on Hudson Bay, where the City of Churchill has become famous for the large population of Polar Bear. Having little influence from Mountains and water and being mostly flat land, Artic air masses plummet Manitoba into sub-freezing temperatures in the winter but the influence from the Gulf of Mexico in the summer can heat Manitoba to extreme temperatures. In Fact the highest recorded temperature with humidex ever recorded in Canada was in the town of Carman at 53 degrees Celsius.


The majority of people moving to Manitoba flock to the biggest city of Winnipeg. With a population of over 800,000, it represents 55% of the entire population of the province. It is the only province to have the majority of its population in just one city. Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and home to “Winnie the Pooh”, the most amount of winter sunshine in Canada (358 hours) and the Winnipeg Jets NHL hockey team and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL football team. Winnipeg is rich with history and has many museums and cultural events. Winnipeg hosts one of the world’s largest music competitions with over 30,000 competitors yearly. Those are the reasons why people are moving to Manitoba from all over Canada.

Manitoba has many industries that thrive here. From agriculture in the southern parts of the province; to mining, oil, and hydroelectric plants in the north. Manitoba is special place to live and work with numerous rivers, lakes, artic coastlines, forests, desert dunes and waves of golden wheat that travel as far into the blue sky as you can imagine that the province is a great place to move to. It is home to over 2/3 of Canada’s entire population of birds as well as home to numerous wildlife and fish.

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