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About Calgary

Calgary is the third largest city in Canada, and sits between the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and the great Prairies of Canada.  Its population is around 1,200,000 and it boasts an abundance of cultural diversity.  The backdrop to the city is breathtaking, as the Rockies glisten with snow.  Many flock to this great city for its metropolitan feel, all the while maintaining the simplicity of the west.

Neighbourhood and living

Calgary is divided into a number of fun and lively neighbourhood’s.  The downtown core is strictly for business, as one can hear the echo of their voice on weekends.  A few blocks away however, you will find lots of fun and entertainment.  “Uptown 17” is known to be the Party Street of the city, with its eclectic variety of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and café’s that line the street.  A few blocks away, you will stumble on Chinatown, where you will be assured of a great meal, and lots of traffic.  Residential neighbourhood’s are within walking distance.  Many are built around a Man Made lake that is in the centre of the city.  Not many people know this fact, but Lake Bonavista was built in the late 1960’s.  Its quiet sereneness is why residents of the same named neighbourhood rarely leave.  The lake offers a variety of activities for residents, as well as the parks that surround in.  Residents of the neighbourhoods on the lake pay a homeowner’s fee, of which goes to the maintenance and upkeep of the lake. Imagine looking out your window and seeing the beautiful Rocky Mountains reflection off of the tranquil lake in your back yard – spectacular!

The epicenter of the city is known for its business and finance.  It is home to many oil and gas company head offices, as well as WestJet and Shaw Communications.  Many people relocate to Calgary for the variety of jobs that have become available, of which have added to the growth of the city.


Calgary is known to be home to many sporting events.  The Canadian Football League’s  Calgary Stampeders play in McMahon Stadium, which is just a short ride from the University of Calgary.  Calgary is best known for the Calgary Stampede which takes place in Stampede Park, which is a short distance from the city.  The stampede is a revival of the days of the old west, and showcases Alberta’s roots.  Another favourite is the city’s NHL team, the Calgary Flames. The Saddledome is home to the Flames, and is located in Stampede Park.  They are best known for winning the Stanley Cup in the 1988 season,  but it was the Stanley Cup finals in 2004 against Tampa Bay that history was made.  Although the Flames lost, the party that ensued on 17th street was epic.  Most notably, Calgary caught the world’s attention when it hosted the 1988 Olympic Winter games.  Canada Olympic Park was built to host a number of events in the Olympics, and today is used for a variety of sporting activities.  From snowboarding, bobsledding, and luge in the winter, to mountain biking, skateboarding and waterskiing in the summer, Calgary is certainly the place to get your outdoor fix!

If you are part of a corporate move, or just in need of an escape to a more relaxed environment, Calgary is the place to be.  One of our qualified movers will be happy to help you with all of your relocation needs.  Whether you need assistance with packing, boxes to load, or containers to fill, our network of moving companies will help facilitate all of your needs.

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  • Do not move jewelry, money, coin collections, etc. Keep these items in your possession.
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