The Lazy Person’s Guide to Moving across Canada

Moving is such a chore and very few people actually like the process. Some tolerate it, but the majority of people loathe the entire process of moving and everything that it entails, and for good reason. Logistically, moving is a nightmare. There are so many details to take care of and so much planning to do that even a simple move across town could feel like the world is shifting in place. 

What if we told you that if you’re willing to invest the money, you can enjoy an almost-completely hands-off move, from start to finish? It might sound impossible, but there are professional services out there for just about everyone. Moving across the country is a much bigger feat than a local move, so it’s always better to get any information that you can. Keep reading to learn the easiest way to relocate when you’re going all the way across Canada. 

Practically Hands-Free Moving Tips

Unless you can also afford to hire a personal assistant, or you can talk one of your friends or family members into taking care of the logistics for you, moving is never going to be a completely hands-off process. You will have to do a little research and make a few phone calls, but you can do that all from the comfort of your couch. Packing? You can hire people for that. Cleaning? Hire a maid service. From start to finish, you don’t have to be involved in any more of the moving process than you want. 

Packing and Organizing Services

Packing is probably one of the biggest complaints in the moving process. Fortunately, with full-service movers or contracted labor helper services, you can avoid the hassle. You’re already packing everything up, so make sure that you hire someone to help you go through your stuff and organize things so you aren’t taking junk to your new home. You can choose to have packing services included in your full-service move for an additional fee. The company will tell you their rates. 

Moving Services

Moving companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some only offer moving assistance in terms of physical labor and a moving truck. Others offer full-service moves that can include everything from packing to loading, unloading, and more. If you can combine services, you will save money in the end. Try to get as much out of your movers as you can before you start hiring other people to take care of the things that you need done. Just remember to choose reputable, well-reviewed cross-country moving services. There are thousands of companies across Canada, but they aren’t all going to offer the quality of service that you deserve. 

Junk Removal Services

While you’re having the organizing and packing completed, you can also call a junk hauling service to get rid of any garbage or junk that you have laying around. There are two types of services here. You can find companies that simply haul away your junk or let you rent a dumpster to fill, or you can hire a full-service junk removal team that will take care of the labor work, too. You can probably donate most of your extra stuff, or even throw out items with your regular trash if you don’t have enough to warrant hiring a removal service like this. 

Cleaning and Maid Services

Once your old place is empty, you’re going to have to clean it for the next occupant. You can find all kinds of maid and cleaning services to handle everything from basic cleaning to deep cleaning and even specialty services that focus on move-in or move-out cleaning. This extra service will focus on areas like walls, windows and doors, and other deep cleaning needs that come with living in a place for an extended period of time. You might even want to enlist these services to freshen up your new place before you move all of your stuff in.

Other Ways to Reduce the Amount of Work Involved

Moving is a big task. No matter how much you hate the idea of packing and cleaning, you might have to pick and choose what services matter most to you. It will be rather expensive to pay for every single aspect of your move, after all, and most people don’t have that kind of extra money. If you can’t afford to just hire everyone to do the work for you, you can find a lot of ways to cut back or get creative to get things done. Here are a few tips:

  • Enlist as many friends and family members as possible. Not only is this cheap moving help, but it will give you the chance to focus your energy where it is needed and enlist others in various tasks that need taken care of during the moving process. 
  • Compare how much you have to spend on the move to the services that are available. Start by hiring the most important ones first. If there is money leftover, you can hire the rest of the services that you want. It is always a good idea to have a budget in mind when it comes to your move. 
  • The two services most worth paying for are moving and packing services. These are the bulk of the move, after all, and having someone else do the work can free you up for other things or just take the work out of your hands. Consider how bad it will really be to do things like cleaning and trash removal on your own. It usually ends up not being a huge deal. 


If you have enough money to hire people, you don’t have to lift a finger for the majority of your move. However, you do have to remember that this is going to have a higher cost than other moving options. If you invest a few extra minutes in your research, it shouldn’t be hard for you to figure out a plan for your move. Just know that if you really dread the work involved, you can always find people to hire that will do the dirty work for you.

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Moving Tip

  • Get rid of the junk! Get rid of anything you don’t need or want, it will make packing that much easier and save you money.The more stuff you have will increase the time and or weight of the move and will cost you more money!
  • Do not move jewelry, money, coin collections, etc. Keep these items in your possession.
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