Movers Cannot Move

Things a Moving Company Cannot Take

Moving Hazardous Materials

Anything explosive or flammable. This means gas tanks, kerosene tanks or heater, welding torches, BBQ Tanks, any type of fuel or fuel tank, even if it’s empty. Fire arm, bullets, shotgun shells, Blasting caps, dynamite, nitro glycerin etc…

Most people don’t have much of this stuff…but you probably have a gas tank for the lawn mower (which can be moved but the fuel has to be emptied). Almost everyone has a Propane BBQ Tank.

You need to sell these items or give them to your neighbor in exchange for some moving or packing help. You can do what I did, the neighbor was having a garage sale and I just gave them to him to sell…I made few bucks, got rid of items I couldn’t take and he did all the work…perfect!

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Firearms and ammo you probably want to take with you personally, just remember to declare them if your flying (they are allowed in checked baggage).

As for dynamite and blasting caps etc… you need to take these to the local Hazardous waste collection center. This is where you also need to take your fuel tanks if you are throwing them away. Although if you have the old style Scepter “Jerry Cans” …get in touch with me as I love these gas cans…the new ones suck!

Of course this only applies to long distance moves, if your just moving locally, most local movers will take this stuff. Although you might want to warn them about the nitro Glycerin and dynamite.
These guidelines are basically for long distance highway moves where a tractor trailer will have to be inspected at one of those highway inspection stations.

Good luck moving and let me know if you have any of the old “Jerry Cans” available.

For more information on the disposal of household hazardous waste, you can visit Transportation of Dangerous Goods page on Government of Canada website.

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Moving Tip

  • Get rid of the junk! Get rid of anything you don’t need or want, it will make packing that much easier and save you money.The more stuff you have will increase the time and or weight of the move and will cost you more money!
  • Do not move jewelry, money, coin collections, etc. Keep these items in your possession.
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