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Welcome to Vancouver, the “city of neighbourhoods”. Home to the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Vancouver Canucks NHL team and the 1986 World’s Fair. Often rated as one of the most “livable” cities in the world, Vancouver typically ranks in the top 5 best places worldwide to live. It is Canada’s most densely populated city and also one of the most densely populated cities in North America.

In 2016 the population for the city of Vancouver is 610,000 according to the World Population Review. This makes Vancouver the 8th largest city in Canada; however, if you combine the population of the entire Greater Vancouver Area, this number jumps to over 2.4 million, making it the third largest municipality in Canada.

The greater Vancouver area is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada with over 52% of the population having a first language other than English. It is Canada’s largest seaport and one of North America’s most diverse shipping hubs. Since the rail head of the Canadian Pacific Rail company reached Vancouver in 1886, it has been a major export route for Canada serving Asia and the rest of the world. As a result of its long historical ties with Asia for trade and commerce, the Asian population of Vancouver and area is over 30%.

False Creek Vancouver

Vancovuer a City of Sea and Mountains

Perhaps not surprisingly given its high population density and a large number of immigrants from other large Urban centres, the skyline of urban Vancouver is comprised of High rise condos. Much like New York or Hong Kong Urban Vancouver is a vertical city! Unlike most other cities though there is a stunning backdrop of tree and snow covered mountains that on a sunny day make the Vancouver skyline one of the most beautiful and picturesque on the earth.


Historically the primary industries operating out of in Vancouver were forestry and mining. Those businesses are still present but there is also a rapidly growing core of technology companies such as Hootsuite, TED, Microsoft, Amazon all either grown locally or moving in because of the great talent and quality of life the area offers. There is also a sizable Movie and entertainment sector with Vancouver often considered “Hollywood North”. The region of Burnaby is considered one of the largest film and TV production areas in North America.


The second largest sector after business is Tourism. Millions of tourist travel through Vancouver each year to visit the mountain areas to the east, fishing and oceans to the west or boarding cruise ships bound for the unspoiled and stunning wilderness to the North. Right downtown Stanley Park is rated as one of the best parks in the entire world and well worth a visit. Vancouver also has numerous beaches and lots of easy to access hiking trails. Enthusiasts of Mountain biking, sailing, scuba diving, skiing and many other sports will find Vancouver the perfect place to live.


Regrettably being a great place to live but with little available land does have its draw backs, and the biggest is the cost of housing. Vancouver routinely garners the reputation for the most over overpriced housing market in Canada. It is the consistently among the most expensive housing in Canada and rated second most unaffordable housing in the world by Demographia. The net effect of this is most people either learn to live in smaller condos, rent or move to more distant suburbs. Fortunately the city planners have given much thought to the design of Vancouver, trying to incorporate “eco-density” where land use and design contribute to environment, enhanced affordability and sustainability. Vancouver also has a great mass transit system, with lots of buses the Sky Train and an extensive network of bike paths.

Moving to Vancouver

A lot of Canadians consider moving to Vancouver because of its climate. It has the warmest winter of any major city in Canada and the least amount of snow combined with moderate, dry summers. It might rain 5 times a week from November to March…but at least you don’t have to shovel it. Vancouver is great place to relocate for the quality of life and the amount of recreation available in the surrounding areas. Where else in Canada can you go snow skiing and water skiing in the same day?

Like all the major cities in Canada, there are numerous moving services available to serve your needs. Local mover usually charge per hour and you’ll want to check there policies on charges for moving out of that high rise condos where access and parking range from well though out to nightmare. Many of our moving companies do regular routes from the east coast to Vancouver and return so whether you are moving in or headed elsewhere, has you covered.

Finding a long distance moving company in Vancouver is easy with…we’ve done all the research for you, just click to get a price from a great moving company.

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